Thursday, 22 December 2011

Networks in Nature Physics

For those with access, looks like Nature Physics has a complexity issue. With articles by Barabási and Newman and the likes, it looks like it has a solid networks bent.

There's a paper on community structure by my favourite physicist, Mark Newman, that I'm looking forward to reading.



  1. Hey Doug, I didn't know you are a Newman's fan. I've just taken an excellent class w/ him. :)

    Have you seen his recent "survey" on complex systems? ( Also there are some awesome video lectures by him in the Santa Fe institute website. Worth watching.

    Thanks for the link and cheers.

  2. Moreover, we've made access to the ensemble (that is, the Complexity Insight itself) free until the end of January.

    We hope you enjoy it.

    Ed Gerstner - Nature Physics

  3. My first contact with Newman was his book with Barkema on Monte Carlo simulations which was really well written. His writing on networks is always very vivid and I like the approach he takes - I'm a big fan!